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During the early Edo Period, the city of Hirosaki was a castle town. There were over one hundred forging shops in the area. Nigara Forging is one such historical Tsugaru blacksmith shops maintaining its history and art.

About Nigara Forging

About Nigara Forging

It is thought that, here in the Tsugaru region near Mount Iwaki, major iron production took place during the Heian Period (794-1192).
Artifacts made from iron used during Nara Period (710-794) and early Heian Period has been found around the city of Hirosaki, indicating there was a vast group of ironworks in the region.
Additionally, the existence of Kaji-machi, which literally means the blacksmith town, is evident that it was a town of blacksmiths.
During the early Edo Period, the city of Hirosaki was a castle town.
It is said that there were over one hundred blacksmith shops in the area. As a part of the proud Tsugaru Uchihamono blacksmith history, the Nigara Forging persists with its art.

Company NameNigara Forging Co., Ltd.
Company Address4-1 Kinzoku-cho Hirosaki-shi Aomori 036-8245 Japan
Telephone Number+81-172-88-2881
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FAX Number+81-172-88-2882
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President Toshihisa Yoshizawa
Number of Employees19
Products and Services High-grade Cutlery Handcrafting and Sales Design and Production of Architectural Steel Framework Production of Steel Framework for Signboards General Metalworking
Capital Funds25,000,000 Yen
EstablishmentFebruary 28th, 1949

A distinguished family of swordsmiths in Japan

Since being appointed by the domain of Tsugaru to make Japanese swords, Nigara Forging has a history of over 350 years. As one of the few noble swordsmiths in Japan, we have continued to preserve this art. During the Showa period, Nigara Kunitoshi, a master swordsmith, was often recognized for his work.
During the period of World War II, the traditional swordsmithing technique made its impression with the military prior to and during the war, but afterwards has been realigned to creating knives.

Carries on the traditions of the castle town of Hirosaki-jo Castle.

The making of swords has been abandoned as a business item since 1965, but the same forging techniques such as welding and hammering have been kept alive in the making of our Honuchi knives. One example, the Honyakibocho, a kitchen knife which is made only by steel, has a wavy design on the back after its crest, a striking and artistic feature.
Such designs and techniques require intuition and skills developed over decades of experience. Our products were officially certified as Aomori Prefecture Traditional Crafts in December, 2007.

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Edo PeriodDuring the advance to Tsugaru plain (current city of Hirosaki) of Tamenobu Tsugaru, our company served as weapons producer, creating a variety of items from cannons to warships.
Early Showa PeriodHiroshi (Pseudonym Kunitoshi) Nigara learned under Mitsutaro Honda, Ph.D., the head of the Institute of Material Research at Tohoku University, marking an important step towards modernization. Kunitoshi Nigara excelled in the making of Japanese swords, and was recognized as one of Aomori Prefecture’s Living Treasures. His expertise as a blacksmith has been passed on to Toshihisa Yoshizawa (7th President).
1949Converted to a Limited Company.
1959Previous president, Shun Nigara studied at the Institute of Material Research at Tohoku University in order to incorporate modern engineering technology.
1963Opened the Welding Department
1975Moved the factory to Kinzoku-machi (Metal District in Hirosaki)
1991Opened the second factory
1996Became a certified factory by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
2000Toshihisa Yoshizawa was installed as the president. Obtained the third factory.
2008Participated in the Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2008
2008Participated in the 2nd International Garden and Exterior EXPO
2011Participated in the Paris Maison et Objet
2011Participated in JAPAN Brand Exhibition in Paris
2012Participated in the Tokyo International Gift Show Autumn 2012

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Nigara Forging Co., Ltd.

4-1 Kinzoku-cho Hirosaki-shi Aomori 036-8245 Japan

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