ANMON project

The ripple markings on our fine polished steel, distinctive of Tsugaru forging, “Anmon”, is a original technique of the Nigara Forging.

Anmon Waterfall


The “Anmon” design was inspired by the rippling water of the Anmon Waterfalls, cascading from the foot of the World Heritage Shirakami Mountains adjacent to the city of Hirosaki.
Old growth beech and pine encompass the Anmon falls where the cool mountain stream cascades down from the precipitous rocks above.
The sight of the rippling waterfall has enchanted its visitors with its mystical power.

Distinctive Ripple Design

The ripple design on our products comes only after forging 25 layers of steel, resulting in a sharp and durable blade, resistant to rust.
No two blades have the same markings, as each is made carefully by hand.
We are confident our knives, without equal in the world, will fascinate and impress.

Japanese knife ANMON 21cm

Yanagiba Knife ANMON

Sushi Knife
Japanese knife ANMON 20cm

Santoku Knife ANMON

Fish Knife
Japanese knife ANMON 16.5cm

Usuba Knife ANMON

Vegetable Knife
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Anmon Paper Knife

Blade with Tsugaru Lacquer Ware (Anmon Paper Knife)

The Anmon Paper Knife is a convergence of our Anmon technique and Tsugaru Lacquer-making. Tsugaru Lacquer Ware is a traditional craft mainly produced and sold around the city of Hirosaki.
The craft originates from the early Edo Period (1600-1700), and was used to beautify the swords of the local Samurai. >>> Paper Knife list

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